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Pennellificio Bulova

With the end of World War II, we witness what will then be defined the "Italian economic miracle". Thus Erminio Biacchi laid the foundation for a business that for more than 60 years, changing people, strategies and products, has main- tained the style and transparency that has always characte- rised the company. In the early 60's, Erminio's eldest son, Gianni, started working in the family company, bringing new ideas and contributing to the first expansion of the range of brushes. At the end of the 80's, Gianni's son Paolo started taking his first steps in the company. In the time it took to get to know the market, the 90's began a change in the setting of the structure of the Pennellificio Bulova brush factory. New high quality professional lines took their place on the market, due to continuous investments in the production unit. In 2001 an idea invaded the market: the first polygonal thermoplastic handle: “GRIP”. More than 1,700,000 pieces in just 10 years. In the years that followed the first signals of market change started to be seen. The strong need to provide customers with a wider range of products led to Magnum, a line of high quality complemen- tary accessories that began in 2007 in collaboration with the top Italian manufacturers. In 2010 the two companies, very similar in tradition and culture, quickly grasp the opportunity for a profitable collaboration. Baixens leader in Spain in the production of stuccoes and similar products, entrusts the distribution on the Italian market of their products to the Pennellificio Bulova brush factory. Customers immediately appreciate this combination, with optimum replies by inser- ting the products in their points of sale. The desire to be more competitive in an increasingly complex market prompts the company to make a further effort, and in 2013 they abandon the traditional production of rollers to invest in more modern technologies. They insert a new machine in the production line, to produce rollers in thermofusion, new technology and new fabrics for still higher quality products. As often happens when the market expands, new synergies can appear, and in 2014 an important piece is added to the Bulova family: starting in January they become distributors for Owatrol, a company known and established worldwide, specialised in the protection, maintenance and renewal of iron and wood. In particular, since 1956 the first transparent rust-proof product. We have gone this far with passion and dedication to our work. Three generations have undertaken a long journey that have led us to be one of the major opera- tors on the professional market, maybe because today we still put the same passion and dedication that we have carri- ed with us for more than 60 years. The journey conti- nues...........


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